Yummy and Happy places in Tokyo Skytree: My personal review

Well… so some people ask me to draw something again… I would love too but arggghh this is my last semester in master degree :’D but okay! I am checking “search keywords” in my blog and some people are searching for my review for some places in Japan. I am not really good in reviewing something, however I will try my best while it is not takes too much time πŸ˜‰

My review today is: Tokyo Skytree… the tallest tower in Japan so far. But if you are student (or unfortunately a tourist with limited budget), go to the peak of this tower is considerably expensive, but don’t worry! there are still lots of fun you may found here.

However, I have limitation… I love foods (No love like love to glorious foods), but while I am Moslem I can’t eat everything. So, yeaaah I should tell you my review (of course) has a lot of limitation. But here it is! I also make a doodle for it

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1. Postal Museum Tokyo
If you are a philatelist, love stamps, love postcard, you can’t pass this place!
Small but neat and nice museum! While I am a philatelist and postal stuff lover, I can stay here for hours.
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You may see a long history of Postal system in Japan… and please don’t be surprised, you also can check stamps collection from all around the world! I am really amazed because I also found complete series of Indonesian stamps here, I can found it more complete than what I found in Indonesia.

It is very cheap also, just 300 yen you can enjoy and enter this museum! Then don’t forget to visit the museum shop, find some interesting postcard and send it to your beloved one (or maybe yourself :’D ) ah! if you lucky enough you also can find some old stamps for complete your collection. Good luck, Philatelist!

This is the address:
Tokyo SKYTREE Town Solamachi 9F, 1-1-2, Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, 131-8139, Japan

2. Ice Cream in Hokkaido Milk Land
Hokkaido is famous with delicious sushi, awesome ramen, delicious food, and high quality milk. But as if you are in Tokyo and you just trapped in Skytree, maybe some hokkaido milk ice cream will make you smile πŸ™‚
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I am Ice Cream lover, so no matter what I will always say it is delicious. But for me… it is very smooth and perfectly melt in your mouth. The price is slightly more expensive than regular ice creams, but if you really love ice cream…. I just can say: YOU SHOULD TRY HOKKAIDO MILK ICE CREAM!

When I went to Hokkaido with one of my best friend, before went back to Tokyo we bought Ice Cream, it sounds crazy because Hokkaido is somehow cold! But we just end up with complimenting the ice cream. Delicious is delicious….

3. Nana’s Green Tea
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I recommend this place because I like green tea! everything with green tea is awesome for me. The place is cozy enough for writing, reading, working, or just chit chat with friends. And they also have lots of fish donburi bowl, which is relatively “safe”for me :’D So… I enjoy everything here although I am alone there huhuhuhuhu…

Price range is around 400-1500 yen. I think that a reasonable price for a cafe. And uh oh… you also can try Uji Green Tea… but I haven’t try it so I can’t give any review yet.

4. Ganso Sample Shop
One of my friend asked me where to find Food Sample accessories. There are lots, one of it is Ganso Sample Shop
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Personally, I impressed with how great they are in making food sample… but shocked when looking the price :’D But we learn: Price is never lie. If you curious with the quality… okay then, I’ll give you the spoiler
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with the same price I can buy 5kg rice :’D and it will last for about one month..huhuhuhuhuhu… too much broken heart when visit this shop.

5. Tokyo Skytree Souvenir Shop
Of course… you can find some souvenir here. In 5th floor πŸ˜‰

Others (I found it also interesting and fun)
1. Kyukyodo (for some sweet Japanese style stationaries)
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2. Clover leaf (for crispy taiyaki and cute waffle πŸ˜‰ )
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3. Lupicia (I become tea addict recently, I tried lots of tea sent by my penpal from all around the world and I started to find some tea shops which has complete tea selection. This one is complete enough)
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That’s it πŸ™‚
all picture here taken by my very old pocket camera while my brother challenge me to use my old camera instead of my DSLR. I hope the pic is still good.

Yeay! that’s it. Find your pleasure wherever you are πŸ™‚