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Topic: Traffic Jam and Railway Management system

Country presentation file: here
and it is several forms from Yokokura sensei, the same like you got in the class, in case it is better to copy paste than write manually:
Group work task form: here
Group member list form: here

While you are choosing Railway Management System and Traffic Jam, as information there are tones of JICA project in Indonesia related to Railway Management System, you can google it.
As the bonus you may also check this research: Please click HERE

I think it may help you if you want more some details about transportation in Indonesia.
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And here we go! The hardest part, decide the problems and so on.
To make you easier I will provide you the route maps of JABODETABEK (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tanggerang, Bekasi) Commuter Line

Commuter Line Route Maps

Take for example route from Bogor to Jakarta Kota
People usually living in Bogor and Depok area
and working di Jakarta, usually their destination are: Cikini, Gondangdia, and Juanda because government offices are usually placed near this station, furthermore it is in the center of Jakarta so you can easily change transportation mode from these station.

But here is the problem!
For example I want to go from BOGOR to JUANDA
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It takes about 1 hours 20 minutes.
The departure is not regularly (sometimes every 10 minutes, sometimes every 15 or 20 minutes, you may check to google maps) and all commuter line are LOCAL train. From Bogor until Manggarai, usually there are rarely people come out… in conclusion from Bogor to Manggarai the number of passenger is increase time by time.
While it is long journey, even sometimes people from Depok follow the train to Bogor first then go to Jakarta just for getting the seat!
And sometimes the train is cancelled or late, this almost happens every week while the rail way also  limited and still relatively poor maintenance of the train.

As I told you it makes several serious problems especially on rush hour:
1. Sometimes there are some people who crazy enough and become “spiderman” (I already check it, it still happens but mostly if there is several late and cancelled train schedule… for several cases money in Indonesia is more expensive than life 🙁  ), and also usually the open the train door because there is even no fresh air inside the train.

2. Psychologically bad, because the train is getting very full and people are easily getting more emotional. There are so many cases in Commuter line that people not give their seat for expected mother, old people, and even disabled people. Egoism level is increase significantly.

3. Also it is not good for everyone health, this is not a new story that there are so many people got faint, got asthma, or their foot scratched. That`s story almost happened everyday in Indonesia!

So, discuss everything carefully and please help Indonesia to create more comfortable train especially in rush hour 🙂

That`s it… if you have any longer question, please send me e-mail in marissa.malahayati@gmail.com

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