[Emonikova Podcast] Masih tentang sang influencer (dan mengapa kita sempat segeram itu)

A life learner....Books, movies, and glorious foods lover. Have a big dreams... but wanna \\\"bigger\\\" than her dreams.  A life learner... Love books, glorious foods, and great movies. Proud to be a woman, daughter, sister, and best friend. A dreamer! I am the one who want to be bigger than my dreams. Future researcher and writer.

Untuk yang malas membaca tulisan ngawur saya, ini ini ini…. saya coba berbicara hal ini melalui video. Versi podcastnya nanti menyusul 🙂

Terima kasih sudah meluangkan waktu 🙂

Brutal truth about being 30’s, single, (and no kids yet)…:  Menyanggah sang influencer

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