A romance from Postal stuff (and I suggest you to try it ;) )

I made it as a secret for years…
but yes, I am philatelist… I am continuing my grandfather and my mom’s hobby. I love postal things! But when I am in Indonesia, finding stamps is getting harder, post office usually far from my home, and…. my hobby is kind of out-of-date hobby. So, well okay… I tried to forget about it.
I also love receiving letter and postcard. I remember, when I was kid… while my grandfather had lots of penpals… I always excited checking the mailbox, and felt so happy every time I found letters, cards, or postcards on it. But then my grandfather passed away, and there are no letters or postcards anymore to my house.
And in Japan, TADAAAAAAAA….. my home and my campus is near post office! Post box everywhere! so many cute postcards in every corner….. HUWAAAAAA I am back! I am back postal stuff! I am absolutely back!
If you ask me what’s great from letter, postcards, and stamps, I tried to draw it for you:
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You can add some if you already try it πŸ˜‰

Actually this hobby came back on me because my mom always ask me to send her any postcards from every place I visited. So, she can frame it and she will know how far her daughter already goes. Another reason why I also prefer to travel alone or together with my very best friends who already know me very well, because I will take time somewhere to find postcard and post box :p This is all for my mom! I love her….
She can’t travel far because she suffered by stroke and diabetes so receiving postcards is another way for her to travel with me. I really really really love her….
Sometimes I also send her pop up card or some letter with small gift inside, I know I can’t repay all kindness of her, but I think it is nice to give her some small surprise and make her smile a lot….
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Who needs boyfriends or whatever if you can write and send something sweet to your mom? πŸ™‚ It reduce my stress also

I am addicted, and I think I want to make more people to smile πŸ™‚
Then I decided to follow join postcrossing website

And if you haven’t know what is postcrossing website? It is a website where you can exchange postcards to everyone across the globe. You will send your postcards and stories to stranger and then you will receive another also from stranger… who are they? Just wait and ready to be surprised ^^

When you will receive your postcards? Only God and Postman will know. But you will receive it…
If you are not “patient-type” person, you can visit this website forum and there is also a room in that forum for you who interested in finding Penpal or Postcard Pal. Happy searching πŸ™‚
If you still not patient enough…. well well well…. mmmm, do you have instagram account? If yes you can search search with #Penpalwanted or #Postcrossing and you will find some people with the same interest.

And what’s fun I already got so far… oh there are a lot, I pick some for you:

Of course I got some beautiful cards and letters from all around the world!
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Some of them also send me their favorite tea, so I can taste awesome tea from all around the world too… it is like find a small-simple-awesome treasure.
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And while I also can find person who have same interest with me, I also can completing my collection. Let me show you one of my collection: Islamic countries on stamps…. and I have another theme, but still have no time to organize that.
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And I am also happy for having new friends….
friends from various country, age, culture, occupation, everything! And feel glad because they are very open minded and I don’t know why they are very kind on me :’D
I always get small gift, nice words, and sometimes small recipes :’D everything!
And I learn soooooo many things from them.
Every time I read my letter and postcard, I can smile and deep inside my heart I say “Oh there are still lots of nice people in this planet, there are lots of hope in this planet”

I also learn how to write and how to behave better. One of my postcard friend ask me to help her send a random postcard to a foundation which works in cancer treatment for kids. “Marissa, we haven’t got any postcard from Asia yet… you can send one if you want to. Kids here will be very happy”
I never did that before, so I don’t know how to wrote it. “Marissa… don’t forget this one: Kindly don’t write ‘Get well soon or something like that πŸ™ that’s a small things but very sensitive sometimes”
Yes… there are several rules in writing, the most important thing is: See the condition of people you write.
That’s important… and somehow it is good because it trains you to be more tolerant, wiser, patient, and humble πŸ™‚

Lots of things I can’t explain one by one from every postal stuff I got.
Good isn’t it….
Well… well… well…. so far I have no reason to stop. I think I will continue again…again… and again…
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And I hope, I can put smile to many people forever although it is only from a small thing like a simple letter and a small postcard.