when I have no one to talk to….

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have you ever felt lonely before… when you can’t talk to no one, or maybe you can share with them but they don’t understand exactly about your problems…

Sometimes, I want to tell everything to someone who can become my problem solver, but unfortunately I haven’t found he/she yet. I believe that everybody in this world live with their own problems, try to solve it as soon as possible and as best as they can do. I sure that everyone mustn’t too mushy in facing all reality in this world… I see that…I understand that… and I have no doubt about that.

But once in a while I want to talk with “another human” in this world… I know that Allah always has something best behind every life obstacles. But in my opinion, God answer usually too philosophical, somewhile God answers can we get from learning our past experiences or maybe from another person… the problem is… which experiences? how can we learn it? or if we want to share with other, what kind of “human” that we can ask for it? Is everyone are good friends to talk?

Let me answer the last question…. there are  limited person that can be our best choice to share…. to talk…. to tolerant… though there are many humans live in this big world, but it’s difficult to find the truthful one!

Huffffft…. okey never mind. I’m just a little bit tired and frustated and think that everything aren’t going well… that’s why  maybe this posting seems like something silly *and I feel it either*

Okey, thank you for reading 🙂 sorry to show you unpleasant posting.

Karena semua orang [pasti] juga sedang sibuk berjuang…


  1. Tumben pake English bu?

  2. you’re welcome

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