RIP my lovely cat… and a little note about why people should aware more about what’s around :'(

Why does my heart go on beating?
Why do these eyes of mine cry?
Don’t they know it’s the end of the world?
It ended when you said goodbye
-The End of The World, The Carperters-

Ask me about how does it feels when someone lose her pet
Ask me why nobita cried so loud when doraemon left him
Because I know exactly how does it feels.

So yesterday, my lovely cat died. If you are not animal lover you may not understand why I can’t stop crying. If you don’t know me and my family, you may say it is ridiculous a whole family crying just because their cat DIED. But trust me, for someone who already consider their pet as family, losing a pet is really the saddest moment in life.

A motorcycle hit my cat, and the driver even have no responsibility… maybe he only thought it was yeaaah cat =.= and surprisingly there were also some of my neighbor saw it, but no one even try to help or if they didn’t want to help they could tell my mom, I mean… everyone know that was our cat! Oh come on who’s care with animal….

Fortunately we could find Kuning, our poor cat, and buried him in our yard a place where he usually play. I try so hard for not cry, but I can’t…. I cried a whole day in my lab… and it was getting harder when my mom sad that Item (Kuning’s brother) don’t want to eat anything! And keep miaw-ing in Kuning’s cemetery. Even I am not in Indonesia now, I can imagine how sad it is, and if we still have a heart it is impossible for not to cry :(.

It is not the first time happened.
Several years ago my brother’s cat, Temtem, died poisoned because some people try to kill rats and use high-doses of rats poison. It was pollute groundwater then. Yes! Massive death of rats happened, but in the same time some cats are also died, and some grass are dried it self.

Before I have Uning, I also have another yellow cat. It also died because an accident… again someone who can’t drive well hit my cat.

When I was in Senior High School, my family safe  a cat, very beautiful cat, we named her Kutchan. When we safe her, Kutchan was very thin, dirty, had traces of blows everywhere, and she lost all of her teeth. We guess that some people tortured her very much. She couldn’t breath well, but however after we take care of her, she can survive quite long but after that she got sick again.

As an animal lover, in my country, I felt that I have no place to complain! Where I should complain about groundwater pollution? Where I should complain about people who can’t drive and kill my pets? Where I should complain about the right for animal? Yes for animal…

Come on Marissa, it just an animal!

Exactly! But in the world with too much excuse, people will learn to make excuse again and again and not to find proper solution! Come on, it is like diving in football game.
And let me make it clear, if you think that animal life is just “a small life”….okay then, but can you appreciate “greater life” if you even never learn how to appreciate “small life”
You don’t need to be a vegetarian…
You don’t need to not eat anything…
What you should do is only do kindness to everything in this planet. I mean, we are human, as my knowledge is the most perfect creature in this planet. We have heart, we have brain, we have complete nerve system, awesome! Then please at least remember that God create human in this planet to take care this planet.

Arrrghhh…. what? You ask me when this planet will free from war and stuff? Hahahaha… don’t make me laughing. Even human exploit nature around them without thinking about further impact. Maybe some of today’s people already in the level where they even don’t know their neighbor can eat food or not today or not.

it is about
Why we are, as human, felt like we have everything in this world? We have no heart when exploit nature..
no guilty feeling when hurt animal…
If I become a tree, I will stop supply Oxygen for human…
If I become a bee, I will stop pollinate flowers….
If I become a cow, I will ask all of my friends around the world to stop supply milk and stop to eat everything….
Gotcha! You will die human!

To be honest, in my country, there is still lack education about how to care and love nature and environment. how to take care animal? how to love every trees and flowers? Even parent usually scare their kids and babies with animal when they don’t want to hear their parent. It makes some people scare and hate animal very much, in their mindset animals are such cruel creatures in the Earth… similar  story with trees and other creature.

if this happen again again again again again and again…
In the future, you will meet your grandchild… and they will ask you very interesting question “Granny, what is this green stuff and this fluffy cute thing” while they pointing the picture of trees and cat.
Hei… maybe you want that kind of future, but sorry… I don’t want to :'(

after the rain…

The rainstorm and the river are my brothers
The heron and the otter are my friends
And we are all connected to each other
In a circle, in a hoop that never ends
–Color of The Winds—

Just drop by and show you how beautiful nature after the rain!
I love rain 🙂

And hopefully you can realize how beautiful nature is.