And I am getting older [again]… : my birthday note

As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.” —Andrew Carnegie

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Oh look, I think my hair will turns into grey :’D I am getting older today.
Please deliver me your “happy birthday” hahahaha.
Many things happens… you know what? everything can be happen as fast as you winking.
I decide to turn off my birthday notification on facebook, to go away somewhere alone, to contemplate what happened to me so far and what should I do then.
While maybe I am too old for such “birthday celebration”… it is always awesome when someone remember my birthday, always. It is not easy to remember someone birthday :’P I am the one who really bad on it.
But this year, especially this March…. lots of things happened, and in the future so many things will happen…. all things in my mind now is I want to think about everything carefully, reviewing what’s wrong, grateful for everything, enjoying my own “me-time”

More quarter century+1 year living in this favorite planet, I pray for so many things:
For happiness for my family, my friends, my cats, everyone
For many reasons to smile
For a kind heart who understand people’s pain
For an open heart to help others without thinking
For a nice foods on my table everyday and while I believe Allah is very rich, I am asking for a better distribution of foods to all people around. I am just an ordinary girl, I can’t think too complicated. No matter how stupid political constellation outside, I hope rich will never throw their foods and the poor scavenge the garbage to find some foods. Oh that’s too mean 🙁
I pray for a good health of every parents, so they can see their kids grow… and hopefully very lucky until they can see their grandchild.
I pray for everything good around…

And finally I pray for my self again…. : To be a wiser person.

26 years passed… I don’t know how many years ahead. But I believe there are lots of great things, people, and adventure I will face.

Hei…. I think I am ready for everything.
Insha Allah….

Welcome to quarter century age, Mr. Smiley :)

Dear, Mr. Smiley 🙂

Welcome to quarter century age? How’s life…? Hahahaha, quarter century bro! Do you know how long one century is? 100 YEARS! And you already passed the quarter of it :’D I feel sorry to know that you are getting older now.

I have no idea where I should put everything while I also know you don’t really like social media (and don’t worry I am not share this blog post to any social media I have). And oh come on, there are lots of things so I can’t send it by LINE. Besides, when I prepare for all of this, I got help from some of closest people in my life… They also want to see my works 😉 I think it is wise enough to write here and let them scoring my works :p I can’t trust you at all… you always said everything are good :’D

CHOTTO! I know what you want to say….
“Ah you don’t need to do all of this”
“Oh… this is really nice, but really this is too much” lalalalalalaa.
Thank you for your sweet politeness, I appreciate that! But, I should give you something… I should…How can I am not thankful for a person who already spent 4% of his entire life to know me (and hopefully this number can be increase year by year)? Someone who read every long messages I sent every single night? Someone who try to understand me… To be very nice. You give me something precious: TIME. Then I will pay it with time. That’s quite a good deal isn’t it.

Let me tell you several points: 1. It is really NOTHING from me =.=, 2. I am not a nice person, fufufufu… every full moon I become wolf-woman (of course not, but I am bored you always say I am nice… huhuhu… never put too high expectation on me). 3. I am the one who should thank to you 🙂

Ok smiley… let’s open your present one by one… from the “super-meh“until to the “meh“one :’P Nothing awesome here, so trust me you may read it in your very very very super hima no jikan.


  1. Food~~~~ Glorious Food!

First of all, from all of my friends, you are one of “not lucky enough” person. Last year my present is only STRAWBERRY (and I choose the cheapest one :p Sorry… I am [still] a student), and this year… random posting in my blog. Ahahahhaaha… And you, you are too easy to impressed.

Since I really love foods, I wondering if you were here, what kind of food will be suitable for celebrating your “Aging-day”. Since I am Indonesian… I think I want to celebrate this with very Indonesian way. Tart, cake, candle, that’s too mainstream! (No… the truth is I can’t make cake and tart -.-) We, Indonesian, have super delicious way to celebrate something.

Nasi Kuning (Indonesian; Nasi: rice, Kuning: Yellow). Actually it should be Nasi Tumpeng (google it if you curious) but so many limitation in my apato so Tadaaaa…. A semi-complete Indonesia celebration food: I have Nasi Kuning here of course with lots of vegetable, and while strawberry is one of our mascot…. I can’t leave them for the desert.
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Hahahaha not bad isn’t it? ordinary cuisine will be better with some photography technique :p

I am sorry it is too far to send this to your “planet”, but again it is Indonesian style… some of my friends always ask me about Indonesian food so I brought it to them . and uh oh! Also my neighbor… I have an Indonesian here living in the same apartment but different room 😀 We had a party without you here!!!! But don’t worry we pray for you ^^b I told them that it was for a friend who will have a birthday and also just got his new job and they said they hope you have a birthday every day…. Hahhaa, if you feel you look older and older day by day, it means their wish come true.

What’s good from Indonesian cuisine is they full with philosophy (and they just awesomely delicious (T^T)9 Proud to be Indonesian). Nasi kuning is chosen not without a reason. And this is not hoax, I am really do research just to confirm every single information I know.
The yellow color is the symbol of luck, prosperity, and morality. You are already in your job now, I hope you still become a nice friend to everyone there, a nice Mr. Smiley I ever know… and of course hopefully you will always surrounded by luck. The side dishes also have their own meaning… it will take so many space if I explain one by one, but generally it is about wisdom and humility.

Yeaaah… you need to scroll for a very long testament to know about all of this. Let me stop part one here.

  1. A little Therapy for your imagination 😀

After you leave this planet… somehow you still make me laughing for many random reason. There are so many funny persons in this planet, but you… you are unexpected. You can make me laughing even when you are not around.

Should I show you some example?
there are so many, argghhh I should choose one or two… well….

This one is the funniest one in my life…
Remember when you went back from Philippine? Just right after you back from Philippine, we went to Nikko. We still have not much conversation in that time, but sometimes I impressed and surprised with your public speaking skill… it can be very persuasive. “Guys, I have omiyage for all of you”…. looking the way you say it, I think everyone have a very high expectation… and we still remember omiyage from “my favorite young man”  it was very beautiful bookmark. Oh my dear Mr. Smiley… you must bring something awesome. And… TADAAAA…. You gave us key chain. Do you remember?
Thank you… it was not bad, just eccentric.
But the story is not finish for me, Smiley…. Not yet. At least for me.

In short,  you back to your planet, leave us the eccentric key chain.
You leave… my best friend came… it was sakura season, so we wanted to hunt some photos around Tokyo. While I appreciate your omiyage, I used that keychain for my backpack. Without any feeling, we just took the train and went to the park. On the train… ,while my best friends are very detail and artistic human beings, suddenly they focused to my backpack.
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Hi… it is me… nice to meet you, Guys!

They said it was Rat :’D a whole way we just discussed about whether it was rat or not. They kept pulling the tail of that “suspected-rat”. It was really funny for me, I can’t stop smiling since that time. Thanks to that key chain, my curiosity arise and I am searching about that animal. What??? I need scientific sources to defend you, Smiley! In case there are more and more people who ask me what is that animal. I found information from google sensei, it was Philippine tarsier, the smallest primate in the world. Owh… wakarimashita…

It was not your fault, Smiley. You are not the one who made that cute Tarsier become eccentric-mysterious animal which has bald and skinny tail hanging in very thin chain :’D.

Then I realize… you love travelling, but not every travel place provide something cute and nice as omiyage, so we think you need some tips!

TIPS. Omiyage Ideas! Omiyage alternatives except key chain (in case you find the key chains are not enough ;D ).
Well… I suggest you some alternatives:
1. Postcard; I really love postcard and I think more and more people back to love, it is memorable, cheap, and the choice is varied. But you need to know the recipient address… and only Allah and Postman who know when the postcard will be delivered. But however it is very sweet and nice choice.
2. Bookmark; it is also relatively cheap and nice, but not all people love reading…
3. Magnet; then they can put it everywhere. But… maybe a little bit more expensive.
4. Some snack; but I know not all place provide nice packaging like Japan so mmm it is also a little bit difficult.

Also because of you, I can’t stop laughing alone like a crazy every time I go to Shibuya… just because I see HACHIKO. I never imagine in my life there will be a person who will said “Is Hachiko already died”, come on! It was a very famous story and movie about it… until Richard Gere play the adaptation movie about it! Richard Gere! If you don’t care about Hachiko’s life at least appreciate Mr. Gere, he already try his best to play that movie :’D.

Then I went to Shibuya last time, I greet him for you… and he greet you back:

Even! For your birthday, Hachiko try to be more fashionable :’)

You are very good in logical things, you are a true engineer, a systematic thinker…
You have something I am not really good at, but hey world will be more colorful with a little imagination and a little touch of art…

So, for your birthday… I will give you a song.
At first I want to remix my “most favorite hits” anaconda feat.mimimi (Nicki Minaj feat. Serebro will be very destructive duet =.=b).
I imagine the video clip will be:
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I am still in research, I can’t have any business with real anaconda.

Then, yeay Researcholic Diary will present a cover song titled “Goodnight song”. I choose this one because due to our time difference, we always end up with good night and oyasumi :’D The video is made in hurry by a novice researcher using very expert software named: MICROSOFT POWER POINT.
I am really sorry Mocca… you are my favorite band, but no one can cover your song as good as all of you :’D including this one. For all Mocca fans, please don’t hate me :’D

  1. Behind the scene….

I am not as creative as you think…
I am still asking my mom, my brother, and my friends opinion about soooo mannnnyyy thiiiings.
You maybe never know this, but this is the reality behind :’D

I got lots of critics when I told my friend that I wrote you need to shave (T^T)b

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Of course… some of them said you are better and look so much more manly with that. And, who else again my best partner except my brother. And you may not believe what I found when I talked with him…
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And every time I want to give something to someone, usually I call my mom first. I have nice track record in finding someone a gift. But when I told her what I give to you… she said nothing except “What a poor nice man, he deserve better”
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They are really nice on you isn’t it 🙂
Life goes on…this planet keeps doing its job to rotate, time changes… and never worry about so many things Mr. Smiley…. Because now you know even without you know, there are many people who care about you and will be nice on you.

Well, I promised to my friend I will fix my mistake one by one to you :’P
I found some photos of you, then I ask so many suggestion to people who are better in photography how to make it looks better… So here it is ^^b last year in the group you said you want to look handsome in your birthday. Okay then..

Check this link out: here

4. And my little request…

There is a movie titled “Beauty Inside”, about a man who always wakes up in different body every day. Sometimes he can be very young but then changing to be very old. One day he got very charming face, but not long after that he become an ugly one. His hope is only one, find someone who can know him by his personality.

Maybe I am a little bit ridiculous here… but Mr. Smiley, I appreciate you for your lovely personality… appreciate you from your bad until your good. Life can be good and bad anytime, up and down, but whatever happened then, I will know you as the same person. I want we know, listening, and understand each other in very simple way.
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And I just ask you to do the same thing with me…
It still a short period we know each other. One day you will find every annoying thing from me, perhaps I am also find similar thing from you. Maybe someday, you will hear and know every bad thing about me and thousands reasons why you deserve to hate me. There will be a time I am look very good but suddenly become very bad one. I just hope whatever happened then, keep become my best listener.

I want we have very simple friendship… we arguing, we discussing, we listening, and whatever happened we still can accept and appreciate each other and ended to laugh together 😀 life couldn’t be better isn’t it?

5. Finally, the real present for you
I told you I have nothing…and that’s true. But just right after I got birthday present from you (and it is really cute…) I think I should give you something too… a real thing :p
I prepare this since last year (you may not believe it isn’t it? hahahha…)
But in Detective Conan, Vermouth gives a very nice quote.

A secret makes a woman, woman!

So, I will not reveal what’s inside… I don’t even care you keep guessing there is something on it or not. I already give you imagination therapy, and you also already know me quite well, you can guess it ^^b
Image and video hosting by TinyPicJust come to Japan again someday, and you may know what’s inside. The longer you not come here… mmm I don’t know, maybe microbe, bacteria, chemical substance, and everything will slowly destroy it 😛 (hahhaha… not that bad, I just usually forget where I place something in my room).

While waiting that moment comes and the secret revealed (however, never mind about what’s inside… nothing special =.=b just a psychological game, it looks interesting because you still don’t know what’s inside :P), you already in your 25 now. I no need to tell you anything, because I believe you already know what’s best, better, and good for you… for your family… for everyone around you.

Every body may get older, but not much of them may get wiser. You no need to impress all people (and you can’t), you just need to try your best for everything… to anyone 🙂

There are still long way to go…. still so many people you will meet… still many new place you will visit… still many life experiences you will face. Whatever will happen, face it with your best smile (that’s my favorite)… and don’t forget for asking for permission to Allah for every step you take. That’s the most important thing isn’t? Even your shadow will leave you in the darkness, but Allah will not 🙂

that’s it… I should back to my data.
Forgive me because I am not such a nice friend, I am not really good in making friend :’)
but however, I always pray for your happiness…
and hey! take care :]

Have a great life, Smiley! 🙂