Love photostory 1: What I call love…

A life learner....Books, movies, and glorious foods lover. Have a big dreams... but wanna \\\"bigger\\\" than her dreams.  A life learner... Love books, glorious foods, and great movies. Proud to be a woman, daughter, sister, and best friend. A dreamer! I am the one who want to be bigger than my dreams. Future researcher and writer.

People ask me about love,
However I am too old to explain. But maybe (again this is maybe)
Love is special magical feeling. This is indescribable , but you can feel it.
I feel it every time I remember my wife…


As a man, of course I have my own ego.
I act like I know everything
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Until I realize that usually I get lost
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But even in such bad time, I always feel that everything will be okay
Because I know that my wife always behind me,
she always accompany me. Even in the hardest time
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And like she always do to me, she smile and then say “See? I told you. But don`t worry everything will be okay”


And every time I go to the office…
She always stands in front of our fence,  waves her hand and then say “Take care… ”
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Every weekdays, I wait for trains
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The stuck with all of my works
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Sometimes I feel very tired, and want to quit.
But every time I see the sky and the sun. I remember that I have a family and that sweetest smile from my wife, she should be waiting for me
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I`m too old and too busy to define what`s love.
But maybe, love is a strong reason which make you never give up to do everything in your life.
Maybe love is a strong feeling to understand that you not live alone, and there are so many people who always beside you either you happy or sad.

Maybe that`s it!


Let’s make some fun :]: 90’s era cartoon songs for my blog readers ;)
after the rain…

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