Monday is English Day…

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First of all thank you very much for become my blog reader… it such a pleasure that this blog has its reader :”D although majority are silent reader (huhuhuhuhu…)
However, I got a question and request yesterday.
“Marissa why you keep your blog in Bahasa Indonesia?” Simply because majority of my blog readers are Indonesian. I believe my blog reader comprehension in English are very good… but however it is always more convenient to read something in your mother language. And to be honest I am also not really confident with my English… I am not a native speaker, sometimes I still use google translate sensei for finding several words (Who said google translate useless? Hei! it is one of the greatest invention in this Earth :’D) , and please don’t ask me about grammatical error hahahha I do that very often.

But, well okay…let’s make it a little bit fair now. I decide to make Monday as English day.
Or at least when I thought it is interesting to be known by everyone, not only  by Indonesian, I will write it in English 🙂
Sometimes I am very abstract, I don’t want world to know about it hahhahaa, so when I am getting absurd, abstract, everything… I will keep my posting in Indonesian language.

Yeph yeph yeph…
Enjoy my blog then…. and please accept my smile from a corner of this planet.
have a great day good people 🙂

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