For the sweetest brother in the planet earth

A life learner....Books, movies, and glorious foods lover. Have a big dreams... but wanna \\\"bigger\\\" than her dreams.  A life learner... Love books, glorious foods, and great movies. Proud to be a woman, daughter, sister, and best friend. A dreamer! I am the one who want to be bigger than my dreams. Future researcher and writer.

[In english? Because you said you want your english getting better, accept this challenge then]

What to say? Your sister getting older now, and you… it’s my pleasure to be your sister. Seeing you grow up and gradually become a man :] I miss you so much. I love you so much, every seconds!

You always said, you’re the luckiest person in the world. Ckckck… no! You can’t beat me. I’m the luckiest for having you.

Thank you for being a good boy, taking care our lovely mom, become a funny and creative person, and soon. I am not that good when I was in your age.

Thank you for your “math-terror” this week,  I’ll keep it. Let paste it in this blog

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I am not as smart as you think, I am forget how to solve it :’p think too hard for it, then missing my train. Thank you for still believe on me although I am not that smart… and sorry sometimes I am not give you a proper answers :’p what a bad sister.

Good luck for everything.
As your sister, I hope you can become a man who can appreciate our mom, family, teacher, and love every human beings and creatures around you.

As your friends, I hope you can keep your good jobs to be very fair and friendly friends. I am glad you have very nice friends now :]

As your teacher, you’ll face a phase between teenager and mature person. I hope you always think about something wisely first before do anything. Remember, what will happen tomorrow is effect of what you decide today.

As a person who love you so much. I pray for everything the best for you.

Good luck!

Kakak sayang kiki :] very much!

Dear Sweet Hacker…
One of my favorite things in Tokyo: TRAIN!

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