Emonikova`s English page is available now :)

A life learner....Books, movies, and glorious foods lover. Have a big dreams... but wanna \\\"bigger\\\" than her dreams.  A life learner... Love books, glorious foods, and great movies. Proud to be a woman, daughter, sister, and best friend. A dreamer! I am the one who want to be bigger than my dreams. Future researcher and writer.

So, I got some letters from my friends, they a little bit complain because my blog basically written in Indonesian Language 🙂
Ok, fine… so mmm I have an old blog in tumblr, I decide to make it as my English blog (or you may find some Japanese and France there, I am learning on it).
While it is very super easy to update everything on Tumblr, I think I`ll update that more often than this blog 🙂

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So, where is the link page?
Have a look in : http://emonikova.tumblr.com

And for my Indonesian reader… don`t worry, I`ll keep writing in Indonesia (of course) and as usual waiting for you suggestion, comments, and even complaints 😀

Thanks for make me keep  writing! 🙂

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