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A life learner....Books, movies, and glorious foods lover. Have a big dreams... but wanna \\\"bigger\\\" than her dreams.  A life learner... Love books, glorious foods, and great movies. Proud to be a woman, daughter, sister, and best friend. A dreamer! I am the one who want to be bigger than my dreams. Future researcher and writer.

It might be my second english posting in my blog, my english is very bad, while I think that all of my readers usually come from Indonesia, Indonesian language will be so much convenient. But I think this one is quite important so I would like to write it in English.

This posting is actually inspired from quite long conversation with a friend last time. He makes me re-think about everything again and again. Reminds me that it is important to achieve what I want to achieve. I should write it before I`m forget everything. It is written in one Tissue in one coffee cafe in Indonesia “Write your ideas before you forget about it”. I should thank him actually.

Well…  I feel that  I`m getting older, along with it, I also meet many new people, I realize that everybody are different. When I was teenager, I`m very easily get mad, but now I think I`m not. You know what, I realize that we can`t force all human being to know us, to understand us. In my opinion, in my life, it is not a problem about what people did to  me, but it is about what I did to myself and to the other people. That`s why I prefer to be my self… and try to do good things to all people. What will people think about me? what will people say about me? I never care about that, I did it and then forget about it! Finding people`s recognition is very tiring task! I`m very busy and I have another problems to solve, thinking “how to make people recognize me”, “how I should impress people”, “how to be the other people”, etc…etc… is totally waste my precious time. I don`t know how long I will live in this beautiful planet, writing for all of you, playing my guitar, singing, drawing, have a high quality time with my family and my best friend, how much time left for me to thank to every persons who have already do very good things for me. My sensei always told me “Time is precious, because it never come back.”Time is precious, and we should do precious things in our life, with everything we have.

And with everything I have… I have a promise, to make as many as possible people happy…
Of course I have a big ambition, and my ambition is I want to inspire the world. Hahhahaa… that`s why I want to be a teacher, researcher, and very good writer.

Last time was very lovely time, because finally there is someone told me “You know what, Marissa. It`s ok to be an introvert person. As long as you feel good with yourself. And yes, you should take your PhD” FINALLY… !!! If I am Nobel Peace Prize Committee, I will give him the prize! CONGRATULATION! Do you know, there are still only 47 women as Nobel laureates, if someday I can get one, I will address his name in my speech. Note it!

ALERT!! Out of Topic: Ah! I remember, one day I told my friend that someday I want to get Nobel peace prize, or any international scale awards. I want to make a speech! So that I can open my speech with “Alhamdulillah for all of Allah`s blessing on me, bla…bla…bla” and imagine! There will be a news because the opening world in that event is ALHAMDULILLAH. Terra Giga Mega anti mainstream!!!!!. People then will be find out the meaning, will find out what Islam is, and well…. let them find it and study it :p perfect strategy! That`s gonna be cool! Be anti-mainstream! Dare to be different!

Back to the topic: Maybe it`s simple things… simple? Yes exactly, everybody can say it… but in fact some people prefer criticize than supporting each other. Come on world this is the bad things!

Need example?
Oh okay, this is such a sad story, but when I decide to continue my study and stop working some people talking behind me “What an arrogant woman! She resign for job? Career is so much important” and of course because I`m an orphan, and I should leave my mom and my younger brother, again “What a cruel woman”
I thought it finish… but when I decide I want to be “single” at least until I finish my master degree, some people say again “Oh… she will never get married” it`s getting crazy when I tell my mom that my sensei offer me to continue my study until PhD. When I do selfie, “Waaaaah…you look very very fat”,  ARGGGGHHHHH.. tiring. Can you imagine how busy am I if I should accommodate all people critics? Try to always impressed them? No way -.-.  I am okay, but while my mom is very sensitive one, I know sometimes she is crying listen so many negative critics on me, she is worry about me so much. That`s the only thing I am worry about.

Dear people, do you know that words is prayer?
That`s why we as human should talk in a good may, be positive, and if you can`t say something good just silent. Bambi also say the same thing.

Several days ago, I read very inspiring blog from a Portuguese feminist, Carol Rossetti. She designs so many pictures, and the pictures are try to motivate and empower women in the world. You can check her blog her. It is very good blog

These are several pictures she made, while she is feminist, so I think  everything are very “women stuff”, but this is awesome, check it out:

Of course this one is my favorite one. I think not all countries appreciate women in hijab. So, I think people should understand about it more.
As I told you I have a dream that someday women will be proud to be wear hijab. With proud, I will standing in front of so many people in very important conference or forum… and show them that I`m woman, I`m Indonesian, I`m moslem, and what I wear never limit my ideas, never limit my knowledge, never limit my creativity, and never limit my freedom. And hey! I`m not extremist or whatever negative stereotype existed.

I impressed she also draw about Moslem women right to wear hijab

And YES!!!! EXACTLY!!! I will write a letter to Carol! This is cool.
Hey men, read this carefully. And hey women in the world! I tell you now, if you have a dream… big dream. Achieve it! If there is someone you love and he tells you that he loves you but not let you to achieve your dreams. Leave it, you`re too smart to be together with stupid man :p Opps sorry. But yes! That`s the point. In this world we should appreciate each other, including each gender. People said that if women are “too advance” they will not care about their family, become selfish, etc…etc.. Yes, in some cases it happens. But personally, I`m woman, I think someday I`ll become a mother, and I should smart enough because I`ll be my child first teacher. We should have positive mindset that everyone can be change to be a better one and human are very easy to adapt with any condition. Human can change when they become a lover, when they grow up, and with the same logic women can change when they become a mother, do you think so?

I believe when someone really love you, he/she will try to be the best for you. Without any excuse.
Once someone say “I love you, BUT…” pfffft… sayonara bye bye.

What if I prefer too study than finding shoes? :p

and what`s wrong to be “nerd”?

And what the hell with your body shape?
Why people think they deserve to say “You… yes you`re fat and you`re not beautiful!”
Some people aren`t easy to diet, to be slim.
And some people are just always in a perfect body shapes whatever they eat!
There are several scientific journal about this phenomenon! Should I show it to you?

Go go go! Body shapes are not a big deal!

I realize that one of the most important thing that people should have is: RESPECT!

One of my best friend said, world is very colorful.
And yes, it is better to keep it colorful.
If you`re “red” just be “red” never try to be “blue” or another color. And we as human, we should realize that people just have different colors.

I`m very bad in speaking, talking with new people, I`m very private one.
But I think Allah design me just like this, and Allah gives me ability to draw, to write, and to read very well.
I know that I`m not perfect, I realize every good and bad sides of mine, so that`s why I just want be a good writer and teacher, never try to be anything else. That`s will be the best way for me to inspire the world. I shouldn`t change anything from myself, isn`t it?

And that`s perfect!

And you guys?
Maybe you`re not good in science, but you are good in art? So why not? Inspire the world with art
Maybe you feel totally lonely because you`re not feel popular, but you`re realize that you`re good in making poetry for example? so go ahead, inspire the world with your poetry
Maybe you feel not confident because you think that you`re not really good looking, but you are good to make people laughing? And hey why you should care about physical things? Let`s make world more cheerful and make everyone laughing.

In this blue planet, we no need to change our self just for inspire the world.
What we should do is understand our self and understand others.
Some people good in several things, some people are not… and yeah! That`s why we should help each other, complete each other.
You know what? Maybe this planet needs smart people, good looking people, but the most important things needed by this planets is: good people who eager to do some good stuff.

In my religion, if you read the Noble Quran, Al-Baqarah:30, at the first time Allah decide to create human in the Earth, the Angels are not sure because they think that human will cause some damages in the earth. But confidently Allah said “Indeed, I know that which you do not know.” Allah believes that human can make this planet getting better, human can take care each other, do very good things.

I don`t know with you, but I don`t want to make my God disappointed to me… So, I will show that I can do awesome things for me, for everyone, and for the world.

Are you ready?
Be yourself, smile, and inspire the world!

Blitz kamera dan kisahnya…

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